Mt Carmel – a place of victory

When you pass through the waters, I will be with you (1)I have been a little busy and have not updated the blog in a week – a few readers have inboxed me to ask what happened after that second miscarriage. I will post an update soon!

My younger son, Vuyo, celebrated his 5th birthday a few days ago. This was obviously an emotional day for me. My boys’ birthdays are always emotional. I cannot help thinking of everything else I have gone through and how it is really by grace that I have two boys to call my own.

Vuyo’s other name is Karmel – which is a play on Carmel from Mt Carmel in the bible. Why is this so significant for me? It’s because Mt Carmel features on one of my favorite stories in the bible in 1 Kings 18 – when uncle Elijah decided to embarrass  the prophets of baal. That passage of scripture is like a scene from an action movie and it gets me excited each time I read it. My excitement mounts in verse 41 when Elijah says there is a sound of an abundance of rain! I mean, in the midst of a severe drought, he speaks of an abundance of rain! I wonder if I would have believed him, I probably would have looked at the blue sky and thought, “Uncle Elijah is losing it” As the story progresses, we see Elijah sending his servant seven times to go and look out at the sea, and the seventh time the servant reports that there is a cloud as small as the fist of a man. And indeed, there was a great rainfall on that day, ending the severe drought!

Mt Carmel, for me, is a place of victory. It is a place where every prophet of baal (read doom) is destroyed and put to shame. It is place where every negative doctor’s report is nullified! It is a place where when the devil says, “You cannot bear children”, God says, “Yes I will give you children”.  Mt Carmel is  a place where a severe drought ends and there is an abundance of rain. For me, my drought was that of the womb.It was the kind of drought, whereby I planted, the plants germinated and then the elements came and destroyed. I needed to get to my Mt Carmel, call upon my God! Mt Carmel is a place of victory! Once I reached my Mt Carmel, I was able to renounce every negative word, I was able to call upon my God. My hope was restored and I held on to every promise of victory. Every tiny cloud became a promise of the abundant rain. It is no wonder that my Vuyo is named after this.

I pray that anyone reading this can also find their Mt Carmel. So much could be going wrong and it might feel like a severe drought, but take heart, our God is always is in control. If he could do it for me, then he can surely do it for you! He is a faithful and just God, and he is not a man that he should lie or change his word. His promises remain true forever!

I look forward to sharing the rest of the journey with you over the next couple of months. Look out for the next post soon, and in the meantime, feel free to leave a comment, and also check out the other posts on the blog….God Bless, Zwi





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