A little sugar with the vinegar

img_7186God has a way of turning a negative into a positive. I believe this is also the reason why He specialises in using the broken. I once heard a quote on TV that says, “God will give you a little sugar to go with the vinegar” and I believe I have seen this in my life. His ways just cannot be explained in words! Sometimes when he brings the sugar, we do not immediately recognise it as such – we may even call it luck, whereas it is God at work.

Let me tell you a story, there was once a company which advertised for new positions in the newspaper. There was an overwhelming response to the advert, and the company received hundreds of applications. As the applications came in, they were thrown into a box, awaiting someone to review and shortlist. One day, one of the company’s managers decided to go through the applications, and he walked into the office where they were being stored. However there were two applications that had just came in and they had not made their way to the box, but were still sitting on the table. He decided to just take those two and call the applicants in for an interview. Needless to say the two applicants got the job! Now you tell me that God is not amazing. This is not just a story, it is the account of how I came to work at a company where my life would begin to transform. I was one of those two applicants. The other one was a dear friend of mine who will feature a lot in this story. She herself is now a married mother of twins! Talk about double blessings! I thought I had been “lucky”to get the job, but now I know better.

In the midst of all this pain of the loss, I applied for a job that was advertised in the newspaper. I had less than 3 months’ work experience, I had never heard of this company before, everything I knew was textbook stuff I had studied in college, yet God made sure that my CV was on top of the desk, and not inside a box like all the others. I have no doubt that there were more qualified and experienced applicants – I only had a diploma and no degree! With human eyes, it does not make sense that I got that job.

The job was for a 3 month contract. I remember chatting to my dad about it, and he was very uncomfortable about it being a three month contract. I was however determined to take it if it were to be on offer. At that point I did not even know what the package was, but it felt like a chance at doing something different. I don’t know what it is I was searching for, and I cannot articulate what my motivation for applying was, all I know is I applied and I got the job. I was overjoyed. Up to this day, I believe that that job was specifically chosen for me by God.

In the excitement of it all, we somehow seemed to heal from the miscarriage and even almost forgot about it. The salary offer was at least six times more than my previous job. The sunshine was back in our lives, and we were happy again. We began planning our wedding, and this time we were determined to bring a child in wedlock and do things right. At the end of that same year, Khu also got a new job in another town 300kms away from me, in a mining town called Hwange. Those who are not from Zimbabwe will probably know this town for its game park and because it is close to the beautiful Victoria Falls. The distance did not bother us, we were determined to make the long distance relationship work.

This new company was a Christian based organisation, and by attending daily devotions, I reconnected with God. I had been in a backslidden state without realising it, and now had the opportunity for restoration. I started attending church regularly again and made new friends who were also Christian. They have all remained some of my best friends to this day. Being in that company transformed my life over time in a way that I never would have imagined, both spitirually and materially.The daily devotionals also opened my eyes to a deeper understanding of the love of God for me. A lot of what transpired in the future would have killed me had God not placed me in this company. I look back and marvel at his grace, and at how he surely knows each one of my days. At that time, 14 years ago, I did not realise the battles that I was yet to face, I did not realise that I would come to need God more than anything or anyone else in my life! The battle was going to intensify, and darker days were yet to come. I thank God for placing me there – He made sure that I was at a place that would prepare me for the battles.

I look forward to sharing the rest of the journey with you over the next couple of months. Look out for the next post soon, and in the meantime, feel free to leave a comment, and also check out the other posts on the blog….God Bless, Zwi


3 thoughts on “A little sugar with the vinegar

  1. You know what im beginning to love about your writings, its that you managed to pick the good things that were happening in the midst of a storm. Many a times we focus on the bad happenings and ignore the little positive things that were probably brought to be therapeutic to us. cant wait to hear more.


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