Friendship with God

I remember my very best friend that I had in high school. We did everything together and spent every chance we had together! We spoke, laughed, and did so much other stuff together. For our final 2 years in high school, we went to different schools, but we wrote each other letters every week (there was no whatsapp then lol – did I just sort of giveaway my age?) We then went to the same college and our friendship continued and we were pretty sure that we would in the future open a business together!

However, after college, we both moved away from our home country. She went to USA and I am in South Africa. The communication became less frequent. We go for years without even sending each other a message. We hardly know what is happening in the other’s life. Basically, the intimacy of our friendship has dwindled. We don’t always remember each other’s birthdays anymore. I believe the lack of communication and not spending any time together has dampened the friendship.

The same applies to our friendship with God. If we do not spend time with him, how will the friendship grow. If we used to spend time with him but have stopped, then everything that was built can be lost – the intimacy, the ability to hear his voice and our knowledge of his will for us.

My friendship with God requires that I spend time with him, or else the intimacy dies.

Recommended reading – Understanding the quiet time by Dag Heward-Mills.

Please enjoy the short video below which I saw on youtube 🙂


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