Here I am, sitting in the Gautrain so early in the morning. I am on my way to support a friend at an event where she is a speaker. It has been a busy week for me, and I have a number of pressing engagements, but that could not stop me from going to support my friend.

That is what friendship is for me, someone I can sacrifice for. I would try my best to support those I call friends.

Remember last week I wrote about friendship with God? I have been pondering on that for a while. If I am to relate to God as friend, do I give myself for him? Can I sacrifice  an hour of sleep to talk to him? When he sends me and requires me to get on the train early to go and minister, will I do it? What kind of a friend am I to Jesus?

I will continue on this topic for a few more posts, as I am still learning on how to be a better friend to my God, the kind of friend he wants me to be.


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