Knowing People Who Know People

This is so true, we must always seek to build relationships! Thanks Pst Jasper

Daily Reflections with Ps. Jasper


There is nothing as sweet as having a “connection”. Be it a “connection” in Government, in the City Council, a connection at a good school or even a good connection at the local Police Station. “Connections are very good things to have and they make our lives easier. Don’t get it twisted, I am not talking about the corruption kind of connection, but I am talking about the guy that you know who is working in that strategic place or that lady who knows someone, who knows someone who can help you. A connection is crucial.

Acts 19 from verse 21 tells of a tight situation that Paul found himself in when a Riot rises in Ephesus and there are guys who seek to harm them. You see these guys were silversmiths and craftsman and their business was that of making idols. But because Paul was preaching against idols…

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