Sowing and reaping


I have a small garden at home and I enjoy experimenting and planting anything I can get my hands on. A few months back my mum planted 2 potatoes for me, and it was my first time ever seeing the potato plant!
I was excited yesterday when we finally harvested these babies. They are not the healthiest potatoes i’ve ever seen but they are a harvest nonetheless.

The bible talks about seed time and harvest time. If 2 potatoes can produce 20 potatoes, imagine if we had planted 4 or even 8 potatoes! Now imagine if I had taken better care of the plants (apparently they did not have enough soil covering them hehe) the harvest would have been a bit more healthy.

What am I planting in my life today? And what am I doing to nurture my crops? Because harvest time is surely coming.
Happy Friday everyone.


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